S.O. Veuve Noire

This is the official guide to The Secrets of Veuve Noire, my new Poptropica series. There is a quote/riddle/poem that goes at the beginning of each episode and this is how it goes:

What girl has not been taught wrong once, or been told to believe

Or shown something that seemed magic, through eyes that may deceive

Now I will show you the characters:

Friendly Jasmine Peanut:


The main character. She lives on Monster Carnival island with her family. She loves art, especially when Veuve is teaching her to draw, paint, and everything.

Berry the Bear:

 Jasmine’s friend, and also part of the circus. He was the first thing the creators created. They only created him, and the clown before they came up with a new idea and left M.C Island hanging.

Laughing Mandy Clown aka The Clown










Jasmine’s BFF. Her and Berry are the only things the creators created when they started actually working on Monster Carnival. She doesn’t like being a clown, But she does anyways because she has to…

Veuve Noire:

Black Widow










You know her as the poptropica villain Black Widow. But This is before she turned evil. She loved to paint her own art, and that was her passion. But soon she noticed that people didn’t appreciate her artwork and that is where the totem of evil became a baby. It would stay like that for a while because she found Jasmine, and Jasmine loved her art. Veuve was so happy that someone would appreciate it, and began to teach her all about art. But the totem kept growing vvvveeeerrrryyyy slowly…

Popular Jenny Owl

poptropican (72)











The sender of the riddle. That’s all I can tell you right now.

Red Sarah Lizard:

poptropican (73)











Jasmine’s little sister. She loves space and planets. She is only 6 years old.











  1. I love the characters!

  2. A six year old girl would be wearing THAT outfit? Gosh.

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