Hi this is Cuddly coyote from poptropica.this blog was designed for poptropica help. 😀 so if you have any questions just ask us

  1. this site is about poptropica and anime
    please tell me if you need help on any island
    i reccomend the Shogo Chara books if you havent read them already

    • strawberryluver

      I already read and watch the Shogo Chara Book and anime series..
      I wanna See them again 🙂

  2. Invisible Club

    Are you Malaysian?

  3. no
    im Mexican Italian Irish British
    and of course american

  4. oh wait never mind i know what that is

  5. Hello. i’m fierce star. i found this blog two months ago.

  6. Anja J. the Huntress

    I love Shugo Chara!!

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