Here is where you can put your ideas for poptropica fashion.

teenage rock girl:

black long hair

purple bangs

purple shirt and skirt

biker girl hat

biker girl jacket

huntress of artemis angel:

white paper boy hat:

white prom queen dress

black hair vamp girl 1’s style

popstar earrings

biker girl jacket

robin hood bow and arrows

regular black belt

traveling poptropica idol:

green popstar hat and jacket

blue mythology shirt

poptropican traveling bag

black skirt

gold earrings

cheerleader hair

popular girl:

2 braids with auburn hair

blue paper boy hat

blue earrings

blue mythology shirt

polka dotted belt

black pants


poptropica school girl:

2 braids

shirt and skirt from girl on Crypdids

party poptropica school girl:

pink hair from gothic cheerleader

school girl shirt and skirt

aphrodite heart necklace

lion girl:

lion head

black and white shirt

marshals badge from wild west island

red plaid skirt

awesome girl:

star shirt

black pants

shark boy plushie

brown aphrodite hair

purple bangs

ninja police lady:

black ninja outfit

gun belt

ninja star

orange hair with 2 braids

cute nerd:

brown curly hair


big glasses

white scarf

arrietty shirt

dark blue pants

popular huntress of artemis:

black prom queen hair and bangs

little bangs

popstar earrings

mystery girl jacket

blue prom queen shirt

purple skirt

regular belt

robin hood bow

random guy walking down the street:

short brown hair

little bangs

skull shirt

black jacket

gun belt

black pants

cute nerd #2

cheerleader hair (black)

cripdyds guy glasses

popstar earrings

angel wings

blue cheerleader dress

mystery girl jacket

robin hood bow

the Rebbeca look:

black wavy hair

biker hat

white dress

biker belt

candy cane

poptropican singer:

brown vamp girl 1 hair

popstar bangs

blue popstar hat and jacket

pink music note shirt

gothic cheerleader skirt

regular belt

ST’s look with a twist

Blue headband black hair

blue/pink swan ballerina dress


biker jacket and belt

bow from robin hood

gamer girl:

black headband hair

mystery jacket

gamer girl shirt

big fairy wings

biker belt

robin hood bow

red cheer skirt

punk angel:

wrestling geer

biker belt and jacket

angel wings

winter girl:

blue prom queen dress

blue popstar jacket

biker belt

vamp girl 1 hair


winter blast gum

pretty n purple:

gamer girl caramel hair

pop star bangs

monster high jacket

purple shirt from skullduggery

monster high skirt

polka dot belt


  1. Do you realize I am a BOY?

  2. no,ilikestrawberries

    can i add a costume?

  3. no,ilikestrawberries

    ok so, someone hacked my account BUT i rly wanted yo show this.
    NOTE: you HAVE to have the members only VC costume (im a non-member)
    1. make ur skin red
    2. costumize the face,the dress, (yes this is for girls) and um…the cape and the lips.
    3.find that plump bang thingy.
    4. find the ponytail that violet has in CB series. im pretty sure yall know STB. otherwise i dun have time to get a link right now
    5. ENJOY! oh and my account got hacked 😥

  4. no,ilikestrawberries

    nah, i have too many blogs already XD

  5. could I be a author tho?

  6. ynnaruvien29

    I rate all the fashions 8.4!

  7. ok….

  8. LOL that means I sent the email to someone else

  9. They look really cool!! On ST’s blog I’m Speedy Whale!!

  10. Beneficial facts. Privileged me I stumbled upon your web site accidentally, and I am amazed exactly why this particular incident don’t transpired previously! My spouse and i added it.

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