twisted thicket

first when you land on the island you go past the burger place to the construction site. the guy will tell you that there are fairies in the way for his building. so you have to go through the forest. on the first part you have to keep jumping across the things but not get lifted away by the dryads. then you have to go across the vines but the little green things are cutting them down. so you must be fast. you go all the way up the vines you end up on top of the trees. there are dryads flying around. you have to dodge them. you cant get stung by the dryads more than 3 times or you start over that part. the next part of the forest has trolls. they throw boulders at you! you have to avoid being pushed over by a boulder, jump on the trolls back, and jump to the next level of rock. after you do all of that you go through this part were you basically have to avoid the invisible nooken. after that the dwarves are chasing you so dont let them get to close to you. you jump on a skyline and you end up in a place were you have to unlock a passageway and there is a room were the fairy queen tells you to stop the people from destroying their home but they find you and turn all the magic people to stone but the queen has given you an amulet so use the power to stop the construction trucks. then you get the medalion!



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