Early Poptropica walkthrough (I do not own the pics)

This is one of the easiest islands. Probably the easiest (Easy Poptropica nickname). So here it is. I did it in the easiest order.

First thing you have to do is go right to the early poptropican’s homes and go down the well.

Once you do that there will be a small box in front of you. You can push it down onto a green thing to give it balance. Then hop to another green thing, and go up. You will get a light stick. Handy :). Then exit the way you came. Go left onto Main Street, then go left again to the Poptropica towers. Go down the hole there and you will be in a dark place. It’s kind of a maze but the writing on the walls will help you. I also will, although I’m not sure. First go to your left and go down. Then go right. jump across the string to go down. You don’t want to go down on that one. Keep going right and go down the second rope. Then (I think, I’m a bit dusty on this part..) go left and jump over the gap. The wall will say getting warmer. Go left a little bit more and you will find a big golden egg.

Pick it up. Then go back, hopefully you can remember my directions backwards. Then once you get out you have to make it to the top of the rooftop cafe.

Go up the rope and go to your right and you will see giant feet. Click on them and he will tell you a riddle.

I lost my egg in a place with no light

Bring it to me and you may pass to the right

So give him the giant egg and then he will lift his stick for you to pass through. Then you end up in a garden. Jump on the rake and go up it. Then you will go through the plant and end up by some giant veggies. Jump up and across them and you will find a bucket of water.

Then go even more to the right into the airplane graveyard. DUN Dun dun. Actually it’s not that scary. Use the spinning blades to get over the small airplane and the red one. you will land on a jet pack and pick it up. Then use the jetpack to get back over the red one. Go over to the garden right by the little spade (actually big :P). Jump over it, but not onto the plant. There is a hidden exit between the spade and the plant bowl. Go down through the hidden exit and you will land on the water tower. There pick up the flag.

Go down from there and go down the hole in Main Street. There is a girl in there. Drop down and try to keep to the right of your screen. Once you drop down to the floor of this creepy place , if you kept to the right you will land on the pig. The spider may or may not hit you, it depends on timing. Then with your jet pack, fly back up and try not to hit any spiders. Then got to the early poptropican’s homes. Return the stuff to the right people.

Then go out to the water. There will be a ship there. Talk to the man on it and he will give you the medallion.


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