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YES! A restaurant that serves MY nativity’s food..


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the sim of fashion

the sim of fashion

ello guise! i am going to post some gorgeous outfits (that i designed) and are going to post them here! this was pictured in my game and such.. :))


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random post

I am so randooom… A creation of a fellow simmer… 😛 so, i’ll not be making anymore poptropica related posts. there will be some… but don’t expect much. :)))


hello! this is the first story that i’ll be publishing. though, this would be in one post, no more others though. this story is pretty much random. ehehehehhe. no need to worry, the radomness will stop in about after this post. ehehehehehe. the story will start here. sorry for making u wait. 😛


P.S. the story is taken place in poptropica. but i was on the mood for the sims 3. so, yeah. eheheheehhhe. 😛 😛


Shay hopped out of her car and looked at the house. She grimaced.

It was not like the house was reeking of cat poo, (which by the way, is what it smells like.), there were toys cluttered everywhere, (not really.) But really, who would believe Shay? (Note the sarcasm.)

‘It reeks in here!’ she exclaimed.

Her mother slapped her on the arm. ‘It does not’ she retorted. But they both knew that wasn’t true.

‘It IS’ Shay said, LOUDLY.

‘Shay! Just shut up, or you’ll be grounded for life!’ her mother said angrily. Which wasn’t normal, her mother was more like the carefree kind of woman, not the stuck-up. snobbish, rich women that you’ll see. Though, when she needs to be, she is.

Shay remained silent after that.

‘finally, she shuts up’ 

‘No need to say that out loud, mom.’ Shay retorts, with a roll of her eyes.

Her mother rolls her eyes. She begins to speak again, ‘Sha-‘

Just as Shay’s mother was about to lecture her daughter again, her grandmother bust out of the once-closed doors and hurried to hug her one and only granddaughter. ‘SHAY!’ she exclaimed happily.

Shay grimaced at her grandmother’s tone of voice. Her mother did too.

Multiple screams of ‘Shay!’, ‘Shawiie!’ and ‘Shi’ followed her grandmother suit. Shay’s mother looked down and was met with three little jumping red-haired cuties.

They all looked the same, well, except for their suits. The first one, was wearing a green-shirt, with no pants on. He was cute, at the very least. The second others were dressed up a little much more better than the first. The second one, (which was tugging at Shay’s jeans) was wearing a blue shirt and pants. ‘that was a relief’ Shay’s mother thought.

The third was wearing almost exactly the same, but with a red shirt.

‘Shawiie!’ the first boy shouted and started tugging at Shay’s jeans. Shay smiled and bent down t0 ruffle the kid’s hair. ‘so damn cute!’ Shay thought.

She did that to the next two, who were once frowning from jealousy.


Part 2 : (AN : So i’ve finally worked and got my lazy ass up and finish the second part. eheeheh.)

Shay ran up the stairs of her grandparents’ house.

Even though she had been complaining non-stop to her mother and even going to the times where she actually got down to her knees and begged for her mother to buy some sort of perfume or anything to make this house just smell a little bit better than cat poo (eeww).

But no!

Her mother had just to go and say, ‘Shay, it isn’t that bad’. You wouldn’t know how many times Shay had grimaced at the thought of this house even being the tad bit more nice-smelling without the perfumes or something.

Shay left those thoughts aside (which were very hard to do, with the fact that the smell of poo wouldn’t ever go away.) and opened the door to her room.

She was left astonished as she looked around at the room. It had been small, but it was cute, nonetheless. A small bed had been pushed to one side, it’s covers the color yellow. (i just had to add this. i love yellow.) A cute dresser in the other side of the room, and when you check it out, it had been full of some clothes which were not too shabby, nor too stylish.

A small vanity table had been placed right near a door, which she suspected led to her very own bathroom. The room suited her perfectly.

She put her baggage down and went to sit on the bed. IT WAS SO SOFT!

After that, she roamed free and checked out all of the bedroom and bathroom. the bathroom was cute, with a pink accent to it. Cute. She decided to go out and check out the town, maybe buy a few books and head back. Or maybe, get some new friends? Maybe.

She opened the dresser and took off her clothes. (not without locking the door, of course.) She picked out a cute dress and some flats and was off to go.

Shay said goodbye to her grandparents, mother, and the little cuties. She grabbed her phone and wallet and walked towards downtown, or what seems to be downtown. She wasn’t sure.

A few minutes have passed and she seemed to have been in a town center. It had a bookstore, bistro, a park, and more. Of course, Shay sashayed (AN: See how im so cool with the words?) over to the bookstore and bought some books. (duh.) She then, went to eat at the bistro.

Deciding to go and take a little stroll at the park, Shay paid for her purchases and exited the bistro.

The weather decided to take a turn of events and decided to let it rain. HARD.

‘OMG!’ Shay screamed, running towards shade from the evilness of the rain. Darn Rain. Shay was busy with worrying about not getting back to her grandparents’ house that she hasn’t noticed the boy staring intently at her.

Once she had spotted him looking at her, she asked, ‘What? Is there something wrong with my face? Am i really that ugly?’ Shay felt her face, and found nothing there, therefore concluding the boy was looking at her because of her ugliness. ‘Am i really that ugly?’

The boy tried real hard and not to laugh, but failed miserably.

‘It’s not funny.’

The boy laughed more.

And more.

And more, and more, more, nope. This is not going to end.

‘I hate you.’ Shay said.



so, emm, yeah. i’m so over the writing period and is going to post part three l8r. 😛 don’t ask about the title, you’ll know soon. 🙂

P.S. Now that i am so bad-ass i’ll post my picture here everyday.