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Well, for me school has started already 😦

So.. I might not get to post SOVN that often, but I will keep up regular posts, and definatly start Chapter 3 soon.

Secrets of Veuve Noire Ch. 2

What girl has not been taught wrong once, or been told to believe

Or shown something that seemed magic, through eyes that may deceive…

Early morning. Leaving for vacation. Start of an adventure.

Those were all running through Jasmine’s mind that morning. She had already packed and her parents were helping Sarah. They would eat at the cafe Jasmine had found on her laptop.

“Alright, ready to go?” asked her mother as she came in the door.

“Yep! Is everyone else ready?”


Jasmine grabbed her item bag and suitcase and headed out of her room, through the hall, through the kitchen, and out the door. The blimp was waiting for them.

“Woohoo!” yelled Sarah.

Jasmine got in first and helped Sarah up. Then came her mom and dad each carrying 2 suitcases. When they were on her mom said,” Alright, now just one problem. Who knows how to drive this thing?”

“Oh, I can do that,” said her dad.

“Alright, but be careful with those annoying birds!” said Jasmine.

And with that they were off.

In the air…


We all know who that was.

LB responded with simply, ” I’ll buy us a nice breakfast at the cafe.”

Jasmine flattened her bouncy purple skirt and tightened her jacket. The wind was blowing faster than they had ever felt before.  Jasmine, feeling that her hat would blow off, took it off, and a stream of dark red hair came flowing out. She flattened it.

Finally there…

Jasmine looked around at the setting. There was a nice place for breakfast right up ahead, while behind them there was a beautiful museum right by a park. Nice.

“C’mon guys lets eat,” said NP.

“FINALLY!” shouted Sarah.

Vous avez besoin et aider ma ‘ suis ?” asked a random lady after hearing Sarah.

” Sorry we don’t speak french,” said Jasmine.

Ne parler francais?”

” Oui,” said Jasmine.

The kept walking by the park and saw a lot of red chested robins. They got to the internet cafe  right in time for breakfast. Jasmine sat and a table and pulled out her laptop. There she learned that this was an island in France. Then she ordered a croissant and bacon. Sarah ordered a pancake stack, as did LB. Her mom ordered 2 French waffles.

“Well this is nice I hope the hotel opens soon!” said NP.

“It opens at 8:00, and it’s 7:48, so we can go whenever,” Jasmine told her.

She went back to the website just to check. To her surprise the ring she had picked up the other day was a photo on the website. She blinked. It was gone…

In the hotel…

“Wow, this is nice, we each get our own room. Pretty good for a hotel named Moldy Baguette!” said Nice Pigeon after walking into their hotel room. Well, more like rooms.

There were 2 bedrooms, a kitchen/living room, and a bathroom. One bedroom had one bed, and one had two. Jasmine claimed the one with one bed. It was beautiful. The bed, drapery, everything was white, and the bed was comfy. She decided to go out and see what else was there. But first she unpacked. Her favorite white puffy skirt, burnt orange one – shoulder, camera, bathing suit, surfboard, brown jacket, jade colored tube top, hourglass ring…

WAIT! Jasmine froze as she saw it. She hadn’t brought it. Where could it have come from? she had never put it in her suitcase. Huh, oh well.

Now, to go explore..

She would go to the museum later with her family, so she decided to go the other way.

“Where are you going?” asked Nice Pigeon.

“I’m going out to see whats on the island,” she told her.

“Oh can you bring Sarah with you? She keeps complaining about not getting outside. Hah.”

“No, sorry she couldn’t walk all that way! She’d probably start complaining about not having enough rest. I can’t take her. Bye!” And without stopping she rushed out of the suite, down the stairs, and out the door. She walked by the hotel until she came to a street artist painting something.

There was a canvas for anyone passing by, so she decided to draw the ring that kept following her.

Soon as she was finished the young street artist came up and said to her, ” Excuse me, but I think you have my ring.”

Jasmine was taken aback by this, and said, ” You can have it, it’s been creeping me out! I’m Jasmine. I’m here on vacation. How about you?”

” I’m Veuve Noire. I live here. I do all kinds of art.” she said.

“Cool. I wonder if you could teach me?”

” I don’t know, I usually don’t teach people.” she answered.

” Come on please. I can learn a lot from you, and you’re so good! PLEASE??”

“Sure. Alright. Fine. Come here tomorrow at 11:00 and you can have your first lesson. “

 “Alright. I’ll be there. Thanks. Anyways I gotta go. See you tomorrow.!” said Jasmine.

After that she kept walking down the street looking at stuff. Across the street. There, there was a clown store. Mime’s were on each side of it, and some guy was on the roof looking scared. She walked past it deciding to check it out later.

There was a police station, and a coffee shop. Finally she came to what she was looking for. The tunnel tour entrance. There was a lady dressed in green, standing outside.

” Hello, I was wondering if I could buy some tickets?” she asked her.

“Oh, sure how many?”

” Four.”

” Alright. You can pay for it when you take the tour. So you’re a traveler?” she asked.

” Yeah. I’m surprised it’s so cold in summer,” Jasmine told her.

” It’s like that sometimes. It might even snow. Nice time to go to the beach. All frozen. Maybe you and your family could take a boat out,”

“Oh that sounds fun! Anyways I have to go and look around more,” she said.

” Ok. There isn’t much that way. Just a forest. The Inspector lives there.”

” Inspector?” Jasmine asked.

” Veuve Noire. Best inspector in town.” she said it like Duh. She hadn’t told Jasmine that.

” Oh…  Bye!”

FP started walking back towards Moldy Baguette. On the way she stopped in the clown store.

” Bonjour! Welcome to Bobo’s Clown Store. Free balloon with every purchase!” said the girl in the store.

” Hello! I’m not going to buy anything yet, I’m just looking. Thank you,” Jasmine said.

There were balloons, ties, bow ties, wigs, hats, and all sorts of things. But it was almost time for lunch, so Jasmine promised herself she would come back sometime. She still had to check out the park, the woods, the beach, the museum, and a whole bunch of stuff. Luckily she had a whole month.

She walked back home for lunch made by the full kitchen. Nachos… yum. Extra jalapenos.


ok so I noticed I never finished that fairy tail.

So basically the two are fighting and Savanna is winning, but all of a sudden Serafina disappears. Savanna has a weird sense of sadness and one day is walking through the grove and finds the most beautiful flower she has ever seen. But once she touches it she too vanishes and finds herself in the little cottage and sees Serafina there, tied up. Her young self tells her that she wanted both of them to hear this, but Sera has tried to run. Then she tells them this : Savanna’s parents used to rule the kingdom, but were cheated out of it by a witch who wanted nothing but power. Savanna was very young then and used to play with Sera all the time. But when both of their fathers had gone together to defeat the witch, Savanna’s dad save the other’s life. Even then, the witch had put a spell on Serafina’s dad, so he told everyone that it was the other way around. Unfortunately the kingdom was very proud of him and made him king instead. She also tells them they can break the spell using the flower so they do. Then Sera’s dad tells everyone the truth and everything is how it was.

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the sim of fashion

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