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I’m Sorry.

I’m sorry for not posting in forever. I’ve been busy. And I’m sorry. I’ve said so many stupid things, and I apologize. But I won’t have time to post on this blog. Goodbye.



Hey, everybody. Sorry about not being on lately. Anyway, I hope I’ll be posting about once a week. I just had surgery, so, I apologise in advance if I start ranting or anything. Peace.

Subscribers, read this very Important post.

As you can see, this is a very important post. It has to do with the posting habits of the authors and admin. Keep reading. As you know, we are all very random in our posting habits. So to try and increase the posts with words in them, I will be posting more-LOOK OVER THERE!!!!
Did that work? Good. Keep reading.

Trolololollollol! Everybody go check out Purple Berry’s new series if you like that stuff. *disappears,then place explodes into flames*

Like A Skull Pirate.

Song. Sorry I have not been lately.
Parody of Gangnam Style.
Skull pirate style (from poptropica)
Watch you now
you insignificant little sailor
Look it’s stormin’ now
You better believe me yo I ain’t lyin’
Gonna sink you now
But not like those foul rocks you often see
Cuma cannon tnt? That don’t bother me.
I’m like an orca hey, do it properly!
You saw me there just one glimpse then I’m gone
This sea ain’t built for two,just for one.

Stay aware
Cause I’m chillin’ over here
Nope! Over there.
I like to stare
cause I’m both you biggest fan and your worst nightmare.
The truth hurts cause this is my world
You better know
You better know
You better know know know know know!

Like a Skull Pirate
Skull Pirate
Skull Pirate
Hey,(long) heya sailor
Skull pirate.
Heyyy, I am scary
I won’t stop cause I want your gold
Just so you know
Just so you know know know know know know!

Like a Skull Pirate.
(End of Song)

How do you like it? Please share and post this. And please give the credit to me. No plagiarism! Also,I might post this on youtube. Just the music, or the video and music. If you like, you can help by getting people to leave common rooms on the Realease. Bye. This isn’t an advertisement.


So, Master Mime’s Favourite island is Wild West. Mini? Legendary Swords.


All right.

I am staying on. I won’t be posting for a while, I am trying to calm down. I am trying to become non – violent, I figured out when it started.


I have been going psycho lately. So, kick me off. Before I freak out and delete this blog!

WOO HOO!!!!! (times ∞)

It is the penultimate day of school for me! One more day… and then a two week holiday and the second semester.


For party rocking! Just kidding. Look forward to more regular posts!