ok so I noticed I never finished that fairy tail.

So basically the two are fighting and Savanna is winning, but all of a sudden Serafina disappears. Savanna has a weird sense of sadness and one day is walking through the grove and finds the most beautiful flower she has ever seen. But once she touches it she too vanishes and finds herself in the little cottage and sees Serafina there, tied up. Her young self tells her that she wanted both of them to hear this, but Sera has tried to run. Then she tells them this : Savanna’s parents used to rule the kingdom, but were cheated out of it by a witch who wanted nothing but power. Savanna was very young then and used to play with Sera all the time. But when both of their fathers had gone together to defeat the witch, Savanna’s dad save the other’s life. Even then, the witch had put a spell on Serafina’s dad, so he told everyone that it was the other way around. Unfortunately the kingdom was very proud of him and made him king instead. She also tells them they can break the spell using the flower so they do. Then Sera’s dad tells everyone the truth and everything is how it was.


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