Secrets of Veuve Noire ch. 1!!

Once upon a time in an abandoned island called Monster Carnival there lived a family who was the only family there. And Friendly Jasmine Peanut was lonely. Her only friends were Laughing Mandy Clown who was created for the island, and the bear on the bicycle.

“Mom,” asked Jasmine, “Can I meet Mandy tonight?”

“Sure, honey, but be back by 10.00.”

“Thanks, I will,” she replied. She started towards the door, when her little sister Red Sarah Lizard came up to her.

“Sisi can I come with you tonight?” she asked.

Jasmine told her “No sorry you gotta go to bed.”

So Sarah stalked off.

FP grabbed her jacket and her gloves and went out.

Jasmine walked down the street, in the darkness, knowing the way by heart and seeing the carnival lights in the distance. The murky air in the street was blowing in the strong wind that night. Then, finally, she saw the big black gates to the carnival. They opened with a menacing ‘Creek’.She walked to Mandy’s tent and climbed to her window.

“Mandy?” she whispered, “Mandy?”

“Is that you Jasmine?” she asked.

“Yeah,” Jasmine replied.

Mandy climbed out her window and sat next to Jasmine.

“Hey, uh Mandy was it you who called me from a private number asking me to come?” Jasmine asked her.

“Yeah, I called from the phone booth by the carousel because I’m grounded. So be quiet, please.”

“Of course. What do you want to talk about?”

“I need some advice.”

“About what?” asked Jasmine.

‘Sigh’ It’s just that sometimes I feel like my parents have set my destiny in stone. They want me to become a clown for life, and if they decide to open this island, then.. well, I will be,” she said.

Jasmine wasn’t sure what to say to her. She knew it was a hard position to be in, an Mandy really wanted to be a dancer. Finally she told her, ” I think you should try to tell your parents what you want, and if they don’t listen, I’ll fly you to dance school. I might not have a licence but I can still fly you there. The blimp only comes once a week to our house, but that’s no trouble.”

“Thanks, Jasmine you’re the best friend ever. I will try to talk to them first. Now, I had better get back to bed before my parents notice. Bye! See you tomorrow?”

” Yeah, sure. Bye! Oh I almost forgot to tell you, my family is finally thinking of taking a vacation somewhere!”

“Cool, see you!” said Mandy.

“Bye!” said Jasmine and started towards the gates. There she noticed something she had never seen before. It was glowing red, so she went over to see what it was. it seemed to be a ring with a red, glowing stone in the shape of and hourglass. FP put it in her items and didn’t give it much thought.

When she got home, her mom, Nice Miranda Pigeon was waiting for her.

“Want any dessert, honey?” she asked Jasmine.

“No thanks, not tonight, I’m really tired. Hey, has anyone decided where we are going on vacation?”

“No but we should in the morning. I’m sure everyone has their own opinion, and I want everyone to be happy.”

“Okay, goodnight mom,” said Jasmine.

“Goodnight!” and with that Friendly Jasmine Peanut went up to her room and fell asleep like a rock.

“JASMINE!” called Sarah from the kitchen.

Jasmine, only half awake at the time, got up slowly, and went downstairs to breakfast.

She sat down in the bright kitchen, the smell of sausages floating about. Her mom said “Morning sleepy head. You slept for a long time. Its 9:30.”

“Yes, well, I would have slept longer if someone,” she stared at Sarah, ” hadn’t woken me up.”

Right then her dad Loud Phil Bird came into the kitchen. ” Good morning Sarah, good morning Jasmine,” and gave them both a kiss.

“Morning Dad,” said Jasmine.

“Alright,” said her mom when everyone was eating, “Where does everyone want to go on vacation?

” Mythology!” shouted Sarah.

“I’d love to finally go to 24 Carrot,” said her dad.

“I think everyone loves Wild West,” said her mom.

“Well, on Mythology you can meet the Greek gods!” shouted Sarah, still very exited.

Loud Bird added, “On 24 Carrot there are nice farms, plenty of carrots, and there is a place where you can color you hair. They even have a movie theater.”

“But I don’t like carrots,” complained Sarah.

“Guys!” said Jasmine loudly. ” I think that there is a place where everyone would like to go. Counterfeit island has a fancy hotel that you would love, Mom. It also has a tour under the city which has skeletons,” she looked at Sarah, “It has a pretty woods and a dock with boats, Dad. And it has a lot of other cool things!”

Miranda finally said, “That does sound interesting, I think you have a point.”

“Yeah, I’m going on that tour!” Sarah said.

“I think its decided then!” declared Phil. “We’re going to Counterfeit island!”

Thanks for reading this, its my first S.O.V.N. chapter. More is coming later. I hope you liked it. Tell me what you think in the comments! 🙂 PLEASE COMMENT AND READ THIS STORY! oh and this is sticky for a little while.


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