-insert witty title-

i’m so so sorry about not coming to this blog, for, umm, 6 months? That’s a long, long time! And now that i’m back, let’s spice things up a bit. So i’ve noticed that this blog has ever been so lifeless without me here, So, here i am again! I’ve been in the hospital for a long, long time! 

Umm, don’t ask why i was in the hospital. It was a long story. So i’ve kind of gotten much more busy after i was in the hospital. (for example, catching up with mah peeps, and playing poptropica ans sims 3 *i finally got it! happy danc3!* )


So, that’s all, LOVE YOU GUYS!

(P.S. purple berry, is this blog all about kitties again? i’m more like a dog person. Not that i have anything against cats. :D)


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i like potatos

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  1. I’m not gonna ask why but I’m happy you feel better. It will be nice having you here again! And the blog isn’t all about kittes just found a cute kitty background, and I love dogs too. 🙂

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