CATCF walkthrough

Okay so this is it:

First thing you do is click on Charlie. He will go back to is house. Go to your left to the house. There will be 3 payphones. Click on the 3rd one and you will ge a coin. Then walk past Charlie’s door. He will come out and walk right to main street and into the Candy Store. Go in and use the coin to give to Charlie. He buys a candy bar. You have to open it. Then, you know the story, he gets a golden ticket. Some people will bribe him for it. You push them out of the way of the door. But they’re not finished! They chase Charlie home and you have to slow them down by knocking over crates of various stuff. You wake up the next morning by the Chocolate factory. Another golden ticket falls through the gate. The people try to get it, but it flys to the left. You need that ticket! Go left and jump to the top of the building. You will get the ticket. Go to the factory. The gates will open. You go in the gate and wait with the others outside. Wonka will come out. You and Charlie go last. When you get in Wonka will tell you to get his cane. Do that by going to the left, then he is gone. Go to the right and drop down. You will end up in the hallways. An thing pops up on the floor where you can choose which room to go to.

Go that way

When you choose a room, a hand will swivel and point in the direction you need to drop. Follow it until you drop nto a place. Go to the left to enter the room. Well, lets say you chose the chocolate room.

to be continued.


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