Okay so i’ve decided.

Hey guys, it’s me Musicat with another post, so i came up with the idea of the story of Maria And Jay, well it didn’t really work out so well, so i made a new story that you guys could enjoy, and i said could. Well, it just came to me last weekend and i wrote it on a piece of paper and it was good, or so my little sister said. Well anyway, i’m going to say the plot. I’m also gonna say out episode 1, i don’t know if it’s going to last for so long, so yeah. Just read on.

Plot: Courtney and her family go on a trip to her Grandparent’s house and stay for vacation. . Meeting new friends, finding new places to explore, and a new bestfriend. During vacation, she gets to have a super power, she has only posses, also does her new friends, and becomes a new set of superheroes.

My thoughts on the plot : It was okay, kinda. So i just had this idea over the weekend, like it just hit me. So hope you enjoy episode one So over and out.

“I know it sounds weird but we’re going to my grandparent’s house for vacation..” i wrote on my diary.. It was a dreary day, packing, getting ready to leave Sunset Valley, leaving the house behind, and leaving my one and only pet behind. Looking through the window, mom and dad were busy packing the car with luggage, it seemed that they were happy leaving the house alone with no one there except our family dog with the maids.  So i guess that makes that someone. “Courtney, come on down we’re gonna go right now..” mom shouted at my window. I hesitatingly went down with all my luggage. ” So here i am, so where do i sit mom?” i dreadfully asked. “Right over there, hon.” cheerfully pointing at the back of the driver’s seat. I just sat there like i was the only one there and just put my bags aside. “So, can we go now?” I asked dad, “Yeah in just a minute.” dad replied as he was just about to sit down.

After one hour everything was getting dark and cloudy. It then started to rain, we didn’t stop. The rain kept on getting stronger and strong by the minute, the rain finally stopped as we approached Pearl Harbor, where my grandparents lived. And i have to say, Pearl Harbor was pretty nice, with it’s glorious sites and houses, it was like i was in a fairytale. The townspeople were dressed in pretty clothes, the smell of their food, it was like a dream. We stopped at my grandparent’s house a few minutes later. ” Woah” i said “It’s beautiful…” Coming out of the door was my Grandmother, Sarah. She greeted us, she was as beautiful as a rose, Grandpa Jack also came out of the door and greeted us. “Maybe coming to my grandparents house was a good idea..” I said.

That’s the end of episode 1. So please comment right there at the bottom. So please enjoy and look out for more episodes. This was an work of fiction meaning i made this all up. And i should let you know, i’m sorry if i recognize a person dead or alive, a company, place or anything else. I do not know anything.


~ Musicat.

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  1. Hey guys, i’m going to release episode in less than 5 days, so keep watching and also don;t you think episode 1 was short?

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