please, post stuff like drawings, stories, videos, posts from the creators blog, and other stuff. This blog must stay alive. Have roleplay stuff. I have a roleplay in mind:

Hello Kitty Roleplay! If you want to do it then comment below with this info (actually I will do mine with it) :

Name: (something cute…) Miffy

Animal: Wabbit

Bow: blue bow

Clothes: (if you are a girl I suggest some kind of dress) purple dress

Appearance: has a pink flower necklace, one ear is straight, the other one is bent

Personality: nice, friendly, funny, can be random at times

favorite stuff: Food: cupcakes. Color: purple. Sign: crescent moon. Hobbie: dancing

ok that’s it. so please comment. BTW this post is STICKY

About Red Velvet SWAG

Hi I'm Cuddly Coyote. You can call me CC.

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