The 5 Clans of Poptropica Prologue pt.1

After the wars, fires, floods, avalanches, earthquakes, and storms, Poptropica lay in ruins.

Then rose the five clans… Water (\(\ Air ()()() Fire ^^ Earth \__/ and Ice %

They found out they had powers and joined the clan of their power.

The Queen of Fireclan.. Andinia Coyote had a daughter and named her Samantha. People would remember her forever.

But everyone in Fireclan was happy and glad (xd i couldn’t think of anything else) and knew nothing of this.

Except one person. That was the healing lady of Earthclan. People from all clans thought of her as le: Lady of all knowledge known to all as a witch.

The Princess of Earthclan did not fear her as most people of her clan did. Claire was very brave. She was not afraid of much.

Then there was Waterclan. They were strong and loving. They loved the beach that they had on their territory. The King and Queen had a castle on the beach. Their daughter Sabrina was young. They said she should be queen but she told them she wasn’t ready. She wanted to help people. So they gave her 2 years.

In Airclan the princess was very beautiful. But she was just a newborn.

In Iceclan all was well. The princess, Crystal was now 5. The people were celebrating her 5th birthday.

But soon that delicate balance of all the clans would be gone.

No one could hide from it.

But they ignored le Lady and did not believe her when she told us this.

And that is how it all began…..

End of Prologue

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Hi I'm Cuddly Coyote. You can call me CC.

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