Auditions for my story.

Troops. Gather up. We will be having a audition for stories. The first story is about a group that makes plays about the fairytales in one story. It is a episode by episode series. One story at a time. When there are no more stories to be told, then it’s over. The second one is about a group of girls in high school who have a loved pet. Even if the girls don’t like some of the animals that could harm their own pet, they have a good friendship.

First Story : Vanilla’s Play.

Vanilla ( girl ) : Me.

Rose ( girl ) : ???

Connor ( boy ) : ???

Marshall ( boy twin ) : ???

May : ( girl twin ) : ???

The twins may be a problem. I don’t care. This isn’t a poptropica story anyway. Don’t worry if you can’t get on the first play. You have a lot of chance since there are more auditions to come. Those were just the gang. The extras are not included.

The second story : AniFriens

Valerie : Me again.

Leah : ???

Cathy : ???

Nikki : ???

Valerie loves rabbits. Leah loves cats. Nikki loves dogs. And Cathy likes birds. Well the extras are nopt ywet there also. Those are only main characters. Well Peace Y’all.



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  1. ★ รђคภภ๏ภ ★ ђєгรђєאร ★

    Surskie! :3

  2. CC, you are in a multiplayer room with MY character in it O_O :3 i am Blue Crush there

  3. CC, you are in a multiplayer room with MY character in it O_O :3 i am Happy Rider there

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