Independence Day Art.

Who’s Excited? Come on! Let me hear the cheers! Thanks for reminding me Poptropica Creators. Atleast you guys have a use. ._. Well let’s hear it.

Sis boom bah!

Independence Day is next week, and you know what that means: fireworks! If you’re itching to get started on the skyrockets a little early, check out the Fireworks in the Poptropica Store. You can plant these festive rockets anywhere on Poptropica, and watch them explode across the sky!
Woohoo! For Black Widow. How can i possibly celebrate when i barely have no credits. Buhbye. Oh and happy birthday Super Thunder. If you’re reading this. And also a belated happy birthday to brave tomato too. I’m so exhausted from school y’know. 
I know wrong grammar XD. Bye really. I mean it! Bye! Keep on reading actually.
FAN ART? really? Why is my picture not on there! Argh.
Look at it. I mean it’s Krimson. I know. Krimson when she was still good. Good i tell you! Good! GOOOOD!
And when she decided to -gulp- young readers.. don’t read the red ones below.
When she decided suicide.
Brrr. Did you read it? Did you. If you are a young reader. You are now grounded! JK. Well let’s carry on to my picture; Ok. I can’t find it. 😥 Btw. Here’s he post that the creators made.

Fan art!

Here’s some fan art we received showing the winners of a “best shark” contest in Poptropica. 

I’d like to thank the little people.

Boo. My picture isn’t there. Well Bye. No not yet. Again? Yet again another one. Sigh..
Oh Miff has done that one. Thank you. Bye! 😛 Keep on dreaming people. Yeah dreaming on membership. I am too. 😥

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