Yeah. Earthclan.. Me??!?

What an outrageous title. I never even made one that was so.. so.. Off -topic.

Well. I see your post.( Miffy Muffins )

It’s a skit people! line up!

Me : Wow. Look an audition! I’ll go look if there’s any available spots left. What???!??1 There’s only 1 girl spot left?!??! I better get it better someone takes my opportunity to be in a story. Of course in only my stories T.T

Bro : Wow. Can i get on that too?

Me : Wha? Why are you here? When were you here? Whaaa!!!

Bro : Oh come on. It’ not like we don’t share the room.

Me : Hey. You were forced to sleep here because of your fear for spiders.

Bro : Shut up. you dunno nothin.

Me : Yeah, Whatever. I’ll just put you up in water clan king.

Bro : Wait. Why am i the waterclan king?

Me : Because then, you’ll be able to.. well.. i dunno. I just want you to be,

Bro : Fine. At least i’m part of it,

End of skit. Awwww…..

What a weird post! Oh come on..

Well let’s just put up the characteristics.


Name : Friendly Claire Comet Or Claire as a nickname

Personality : Loves Nature, Shy, Intelligent

Birthday : April 21

Appearance : Brown Hair, Pink Lips, Tan skin, Pink Shirt, Blue Jacket , White Skirt, Black Belt.

Clan : Earth Clan Queen.


Name : Cool Nathan Heart

Personality : Joker, Brave, Curious

Birthday: December 9

Appearance : Messy Black Hair, Always smiling, Grey Shirt, Blue Jacket, White Belt And Grey Jeans.

Clan : Water Clan King XD

Well.. I think i’ll just end this post. I’m being so random!

Update : Is it okay if we are in? We posted it. Can we? Well we’d appreciate it šŸ˜€i know. It’s random

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