Another Poptropica DYK

did you know that in the common room on Skullduggery Island if you click on the root beer barrel root beer comes out into the cup?

did you know that in greek poptropolis means Poptropican City?

did you know that the puzzle on Steamworks is from a puzzle from greek mythology?

did you know that on Mythology the rose from the sphinx has a different color for each layer of the rose? (light blue, dark blue, purple, pink, red)

did you know the first settlers of Early Pop. were made from an old 8 bit game?

did you know that if you type in monstercarnival2012 the persons name is Monster Carnival?

did you know that you used to get 100 credits for finishing an island?



About Red Velvet SWAG

Hi I'm Cuddly Coyote. You can call me CC.

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