An Recomendation…

– Gets bored –

Hmm…i should check out my blog! wow. i should update this. and that. then i look at this blog. hmm.. i forgot to post some things for a while. well i don’t hvae anything to post XD. … i look at posts by animegirl09 and see different kinds of post. on topic or off topic. then i see the new post. I look plain there. i planned to change it today. yet there she is! -_- but she is still beautiful. then i come up with a plan. i don’t know what kind of plan. but a plan! a plan where maybe i could share some of my stories here. but maybe it will notwork? should i share personal information. no. i might be stalked. maybe i could make my own video blog? no. i don’t have a webcam. how about share some movies that you can watch online totally! you could watch anime , non-anime , love and other movies online! last night i watched a scientific movie that was a little okay since the screen was small but worth it! i get to watch my fave shows and movies. Click this!


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i like potatos

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