The rest of my fairy tail

So Savanna started running towards  the other side of the woods. In fact she was running so fast that she stopped just in time and bumped into…………

The first thing she felt was a jolt. As she looked behind her she saw Savanna bump into her. The ghost came and said to them

“Girls, come for I have something to show you.”

So they walked together through the grove and Serafina was saying things like: Who is she, hey! she looks like you, and stuff like that.

The ghost showed them some pictures of the princess when she was young………………

Savanna watched the ghost pick up picture after picture and when she finally asked “Now who did that look like?”

she shouted out “Me”

She saw Serafina reach for her sword just as she reached for her bow and arrows.

“Girls” said the ghost, “Do not fight now for we will organize a fight in the open if that is what you want.”

By the time they got home the word had got around.

“Good luck,” Savanna said to Serafina.

“Good luck,” she said back.

The next morning everyone was up and ready.

When Serafina came, Savanna took out her sword as she had been told to do by one of her supporters.

But the truth was that Serafina had never been trained to fight, because she never thought she would have to.

(i will finish this later)


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