A Poptropica Fairy Tail, The True Princess and the False Princess

Once way back in the time of Arthurus there was a princess that was the most beautiful girl in all the land.

That was the princess Sarafina. She lived in the kingdom for many happy years until………

One day a girl named Savanna came to the kingdom. She had been told that she had been there before when she was young. But that was all she knew. One day while she was exploring the castle courtyard like she knew it. Then Sarafina came out and told her to leave.

” What do you think you’re doing?” she asked menacingly.

Savanna just walked away. Then she started to run. Started crying. Into the woods……

Serafina was talking to the chief guard in a quick quiet voice.

“Make sure that she doesn’t get in here do you hear me?!”

After that she went to bed………..

Savanna had been in the woods for a long time. She didn’t know how long but she did not want to come out.

Finally she found a sign of shelter. There was a house up ahead. She went into it.

It was a nice, warm house that had soft rugs, mirrors, and beautiful cloths hung from the ceiling. Savanna liked it very much and went to look at a painting on the wall of 2 girls playing together in the snow. She thought it was interesting that the painting was in a house in the woods. Savanna also noticed that the girl to the right had a strange resemblance to her.

“Looking for something?”

A voice behind her made her jump. She turned around and found herself looking into the eyes of a very, very, beautiful version of herself when she was younger………

Serafina woke up and was sorry to hear that Savanna had disappeared. She went into the woods to look for her but could not find any trace of her. What she did not know was that she was going completely the wrong way. She found herself in a grove with all kinds of fruit trees. Apples, oranges, peaches, plums, and mangoes dotted the trees that were in straight rows. Serafina walked up to a tree, picked a peach, and took a bite……

Savanna almost jumped 3 feet in the air. she was so surprised that the only question she could ask was, “Who are you?”

” I am you but younger. I have come to tell you something. On the other side of the forest is a fruit grove. Wait there and I will meet you.”



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