The Adventures of Rebbeca Coyote episode 2

Rebbeca stepped up on the platform still wondering if this was real. Sarah asked her something that she didn’t quite catch. “What?” asked Rebbeca. “Never mind then,” answered Sarah. “lets go,”. So Rebbeca got on the train that would take them on a road trip before they even started to do anything. “Why do we do this road trip anyway?” asked Rebbeca. “Well, you see dear we think its important to see the country because we can learn a lot from it.” Sarah said. So Rebbeca looked out the window of the old train and wondered what it would be like to live there. and when the train finally turned around she looked out the other window. It was all very pretty and she saw some farm houses. It got so late at night that Rebbeca lay down in the bed in her room. She thought about Olivia, about the Book of Knowledge that no one ever got to see unless they were chosen, and she thought about the famous saying they had: Knowledge Is A Dangerous Thing, Use It Wisely. By the time they got back to the city, it was 8:54 in the morning. “And that’s why they call it a road trip,” Rebbeca said sarcastically. That morning they had a nice breakfast and Rebbeca said good bye to her family. “Becky where you go?” asked Olivia. “On a dangerous journey.” After that they set out for the journey. Sarah kept rambling on about how big the car was, how pretty the car was, how fast the car was. And as Rebbeca looked out the window she saw a sign. It had three different sections, they all faced different ways, but mainly they faced her. Sarah had told her to look out the other window because there was beautiful scenery. But she had gotten curious about the other window and was looking out of it. It was so tall that she could only make out the bottom section. And what it said made her forcing herself not to scream.


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Hi I'm Cuddly Coyote. You can call me CC.

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