My series; Strange World Episode One

Rebecca looked down at the busy street outside. It was the day. The day when everyones name was entered into the box to win them a chance to go out somewhere and learn the secrets of the world. Although Rebecca knew that there was something wrong with what the world and the people were, she also knew that it was very dangerous to know a lot. She got up, put on her jacket, and went out into the cold. 

“Hey,” she said to her best friend Lianna. “Hey,”she said back. “Are you exited?”  “A little,”      said Rebecca, suddenly feeling a bit scared. They walked together all the way to the Meeting Place.”I have to go find Olivia,” she told her. Olivia was her little sister that she loved and cared for.  Just then Sarah Rider came up on the stage. In her high pitched voice she said “Welcome again to the place where we will pick one lucky person to go discover the secrets of this place. Now…” She walked up to the box, put her hand in, and read out one name.

“Rebecca Coyote!”

(btw i got the idea for this story from a dream i had)

About Red Velvet SWAG

Hi I'm Cuddly Coyote. You can call me CC.

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