Twisted Thicket is out for members!

Yup! So it says! It is Thursday, April 14 here in Malaysia, and Twisted Thicket is open for members! Unfortunately for non members and I, we have to wait until May 2! Good for me, I beat Skullduggery! Need trading help? Read my guide for Parrot port below!
Bouffant bay : Sell Silk. Buy medicine.
parrot port : Sell medicine, buy silk
Golden harbor : sell silk, buy grain.
Pirate outpost :sell grain buy spice
dragon cove : sell spice buy silk.
Every now and then get a bigger ship. To make up for loss of money, it has more space so you get money faster! 🙂 Eventually you will get a Phoenix warbird, and you fight Cap ‘n Crawfish. I won by ramming him and shooting him like heck. Go back to F.R. andthe governer will give you a shovel and a map. Go back to skullduggery and dig up the treasure. Don’t be lazy, read the map. A confrontation will happen, and you win. The starter is so easy. I will post it tomorrow.


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