what to wear on poptropica-fashion update


crazy  hair – don’t keep things too simple, do something to it

matching colors – wear some colors that look good together and make it look cute

your favorite colors – if you have colors that you really want to wear then good but don’t go too crazy with all the colors

colored hair – its good to have colored hair, colors like pink, blue, purple, or red works good

be yourself – have your own creativity in your outfits


weirdly colored hair – don’t go so crazy that you get weird hair colors like yellowish greenish or yellowy black

clashing colors – colors that go weirdly together will clash and that is not good unless you like clashing colors but just make sure that your whole outfit is with those colors

crazy skin – if you get wacky colored skin you might find that it is hard to be fashionable with it. it just looks too crazy to go with your outfit

       well that is all that i have to say right now


About Red Velvet SWAG

Hi I'm Cuddly Coyote. You can call me CC.

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  1. Like Ghostrider? I made a Ghostrider costume.

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