Kira Coyote

she lives on Time Tangled island. she loves to explore. plays guitar. loves to talk. for a mysterious reason she has the power of poison. she also loves fashion. her favorite color is purple. you cab probably tell. she likes where she likes to swim and dive.


Sarah Peanut

very pretty. she is a member so she loves to design outfits. brave. she lives on Sharktooth island, so she likes to explore on Professor Hammerhead’s island. she has the power of fire. her favorite color is white. she is very happy to live on Sharktooth island but wishes to explore more.


Clarissa Chicken

lives on RTV island and loves to watch TV. she has been on the reality show before. has expirience on shows like that. she is always perfect and keeps the group together. has the power of earth. her favorite color is green. people love her fashion sence.


Miko Heart

she is very pretty. loves to prank people. she lives on 24 carrot island. what is suspisious though is that her favorite animal is a bunny. her uncle owns the farmhouse and she rescued her cousin. she loves to prank people. but very funny. power of water and she uses it to water her uncles carrots. favorite color is blue.


Julianna Owl

she never gives up. she lives on early poptropica. gets lots of tourists on her island. she loves to cook and helps her family cook for the rooftop dining cafe. lives in that building. she never gives up on what she is doing. she is an amazing fighter. has the power of fighting. her favorite color is pink.


once every year on a island that is not public 15 poptropicans are chosen to go to the poptropica gardens. all the characters will be going to the same high school but they dont know it yet. they are all fans of the poptropica gardens and dream of going there. the poptropica gardens is where the 15 chosen ones go and the last one standing wins.


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